Providence Physical Therapy

Providence Physical Therapy

Providence Physical Therapy excels in providing highly skilled, individualized care to reduce pain, restore function, enhance performance, & promote wellness. Physical therapists are trained to be experts in how your body moves & functions. Pain, tissue injury, & difficulty with movement are signs that you could use our help. We identify the causes of your problems, then create an effective treatment plan to restore your body to its fullest potential of recovery & function.

We redefine value and excellence in physical therapy to fulfill your individual needs. Our desire to serve others to the fullest potential has resulted in an innovative therapist-owned practice. We partner with you to reduce pain, restore function, enhance performance, and promote wellness.

What you experience when our skill, knowledge, and passion combine with an environment that maximizes your results and value.

Freedom to utilize the most effective treatments and tailor your care to meet your unique needs.

Genuine Care
Our goal is to passionately invest in the well-being of our patients by using our God-given resources to love and serve others well.

Redefining Value
Getting back to the way health care should be: A partnership between you and your highly trained physical therapist.

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107 Triton Lane Surf City, NC 28445

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