Shoreline Health



  • Providing family medicine and walk-in services to the residents of Hampstead, Surf City, surrounding areas.
  • We strive to get ill patients treated as quickly as possible with telemedwalk-in, same and next day appointments so you don't need to wait.
  • We can help patients avoid ER visits by performing in office procedures such as: laceration repair, nail removal, draining abscesses, lab testing, and IV hydration.






More than just Face-Time

  •  Refill medications for stable medical problems
  • Sick visits
  • Follow up visits
  • Medication  monitoring and adjustment
  • Covered by the majority of health insurance plans

Telemedicine Sign-up Basics

  •  Call 910-319-9954 to schedule an appointment for your telemedicine visit
  • We'll send you a link to fill out the usual forms for medical history and insurance info
  • Our staff will complete the enrollment process and send one last email link that will connect you with our medical provider for your visit
  • Start your telemedicine visit over your phone or computer
  • Complete the visit and start your treatment plan.

Use your Phone or Tablet

  •  Iphone and Android compatible
  • Complete forms and your visit, all from one device
  • Include ID and Ins. cards just by taking a photo
  • Complete the process from anywhere!
  • Able to zoom in on rashes, etc

Desktop or Laptop Computer

  •  Able to complete forms and your visit
  • New patients will need to send photos/scans of ID and Ins. card to our secure email
  • Complete your visit from anywhere!

Compatible Devices

  •  Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android
  • Not supported: Chrome book and Linux
  • Facebook

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